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  • Free WiFi with I Prefer
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  • Early Check-In and Late Check-Out with I Prefer
  • Points for Free Nights with I Prefer
  • Member-Only Rates with I Prefer
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Free WiFi
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Get instant benefits with I Prefer Hotel Rewards at more than 700 hotels in over 85 countries
  • Free WiFi with I Prefer
  • Room Upgrade with I Prefer
  • Early Check-In and Late Check-Out with I Prefer
  • Points For Free Nights with I Prefer
  • Member-Only Rates with I Prefer

Free WiFi • Room Upgrade • Early Check-In/Late Check-Out • Points For Free Nights • Member-Only Rates

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Get instant benefits with I Prefer Hotel Rewards at more than 700 hotels in over 85 countries

I Prefer Frequently Asked Questions


How do I join I Prefer Hotel Rewards?

You can join anytime online or at any participating Preferred Hotels & Resorts hotel.

How much does it cost to join I Prefer Hotel Rewards?

Membership is free!

What benefits do I receive as an I Prefer Member?

All I Prefer Members earn points for eligible stays at participating hotels. Membership is free and you can expect the following benefits with every stay:
Iprefer tiers and benefits

How do I get upgraded to Elite status?

You must earn 50,000 points within one year of your membership anniversary date to move from Insider to Elite status.

You do not have to wait for your anniversary to be upgraded. You will move immediately to the next tier when you reach the next points level. Tier benefits will remain in place through your next anniversary date regardless of your activity.

How do I maintain my Elite status?

You can maintain your status by reaching the same or higher points levels during the 12-month period following your anniversary date. If you do not maintain the qualifying amount of points during this time, you will be downgraded to Insider status on your next anniversary date.

I currently have elite status with another hotel rewards program. Does the I Prefer Program offer status matches?

Yes, you may contact and provide proof of your status at another hotel rewards program.

Do I get benefits if I sign up during a hotel stay?

If you enroll at a participating hotel at check-in, you will receive Insider benefits for your current stay, with the exception of points. Only reservations made with an I Prefer member number are eligible for earning points.

I am an Elite member and I noticed that I get a “welcome amenity”. What is a welcome amenity?

Every participating I Prefer hotel offers Elite members a unique amenity during their stay. These can range from bottles of wine and artisanal chocolates to resort credits.

Is my room upgrade guaranteed?

Room upgrades are based on availability at check-in.

How do you define “room upgrade”?

A room upgrade is based on availability at check-in, and can include, but is not limited to: upgrade to a higher floor, a room with a superior view, or higher room category.

How do I arrange an early check-in and late check-out?

Prior to your arrival, please notify the hotel of your estimated time of arrival. You may arrange your late check-out with the front desk staff during your stay.

I wish to be removed from the program. How can I cancel my membership?

Email your membership cancelation request to with the following details: your full name, member number, email address used on the account, and reason for cancelation. Your member profile and any I Prefer Points balance will be deleted from our database upon membership cancelation. Please allow up to two business days to process this request.

Point Management

How do I earn points?

You must include your I Prefer member number in your reservation and book your stay at participating hotels via one of the following channels in order to earn points and other I Prefer member benefits:

  • and associated websites
  • I Prefer or Preferred Hotels & Resorts call centers
  • Participating hotel websites
  • Hotel direct
  • Travel agent bookings using official Preferred Hotels & Resorts booking codes

How many points will I earn when I stay at a participating hotel?

You will earn 10 points for every US$1 in reservation spend, excluding taxes and charges, on eligible stays. For example, if you spend US$100 per night for three nights, you will earn 3,000 points.

Stays paid in non-US currency will be converted to US$ at an exchange rate at the discretion of Preferred Hotels & Resorts.

I forgot to add my I Prefer member number to my reservation at the time of booking. How can I add it?

If you made your reservation directly with Preferred Hotels & Resorts, email your request to and include your member number and reservation confirmation number.

If you made your reservation directly with the hotel or via another channel, contact the hotel and ask them to include your member number in the reservation prior to arrival.

Can I earn points for non-room charges, such as dining in the hotel restaurant?

Some hotels may offer additional point earning opportunities including spa, restaurant, gift shop, and resort charges, but this is at the discretion of the hotel and is not automatically included in point earning.

Do I earn points for a hotel’s own loyalty program in addition to my I Prefer points?

You will earn I Prefer points and benefits for every eligible stay at participating hotels. It is at the discretion of each hotel to extend benefits from other hotel loyalty programs they may offer.

Are my past stays eligible for points?

I Prefer points will not be awarded for stays prior to member enrollment.

Do points expire?

Yes. Points will expire after 24 months of membership inactivity. Activity is defined as an eligible stay or point redemption into a Reward Certificate. You will forfeit your current balance when your points expire and you will be downgraded to Insider status.

How do I check my point balance and tier status?

Log in to your account at Your point balance and tier status will be visible on your member dashboard. Your point balance and tier status will also be included on all emails you receive from I Prefer Hotel Rewards.

How can I use my points?

You can redeem points for cash-value Reward Certificates, which are accepted for payment against room charges at any participating I Prefer hotel. Some hotels may also accept I Prefer Reward Certificates for payment toward spa, restaurant, gift shop, and resort charges, but this is at the discretion of the hotel and acceptance is not guaranteed.

I booked a stay at a hotel that is no longer a participating I Prefer hotel. Will I still earn points and receive other membership benefits?

You will only earn points and receive membership benefits at hotels that are currently participating at the time of your stay, regardless of their participation status when you made your reservation.

I do not see points in my account for a recent stay. How can I get credit for missing points?

Log in to your account at and click the "Request Points" link in your member dashboard to request a point adjustment through I Prefer Member Services. You must include an electronic copy of your final hotel bill reflecting the charges for which you are claiming points. Point requests will not be accepted until a folio has been attached.

How do I merge two profiles, or transfer points between two accounts?

Email your request to and include your member number and all relevant details.

Reward Certificates

How do I redeem my points for Reward Certificates?

Log in to your account at and click on "Redeem Reward" in your member dashboard to order Reward Certificates, provided your point balance qualifies for the redemption amount you select. Please note your member profile must contain complete address information before you can complete a Reward Certificate order. Go to "My Profile" to update your address if prompted.

Reward Certificate Points required
US $25 12,500
US $50 25,000
US $100 50,000
US $250 125,000
US $500 250,000


How do I receive my Reward Certificate?

Your Reward Certificate will be delivered via email and will contain a unique, secure code. Simply print the Reward Certificate or present it on your smartphone at a participating hotel for verification and acceptance.

In what currencies and denominations are Reward Certificates available?

Reward Certificates are available in USD/GBP/EUR 25, USD/GBP/EUR 50, USD/GBP/EUR 100, USD/GBP/EUR 250, or USD/GBP/EUR 500.

Do Reward Certificates expire?

No. I Prefer Reward Certificates do not expire and are valid until redeemed at a participating hotel.

How should I present my Reward Certificate to a participating hotel?

Print your Reward Certificate from the order confirmation email or the "Reward Certificate History" link in your member dashboard and present it to the hotel front desk. You can also show the Reward Certificate on your smartphone. To facilitate acceptance, it is suggested that you advise the hotel at the time of check-in if you plan to use a Reward Certificate during your stay.

Can I give my Reward Certificate to a friend or family member?

Yes, you are welcome to gift an I Prefer Reward Certificate by simply forwarding the email containing your Reward Certificate to the recipient for presentation at a participating hotel.

I have lost the original email containing my Reward Certificate. How do I request a new email or reprint my Certificate?

If the Reward Certificate has not been used or canceled, click "Reward Certificate History" on your member dashboard at, and click on the "Issued" link to reprint the Reward Certificate or generate a new order confirmation email.

Do I get change if I do not use the full face value of my Reward Certificate?

No. I Prefer Reward Certificates are valid at the full face-value amount only.

I am traveling to a country that uses a different currency than my Reward Certificate currency. Will the hotel accept it?

Yes, the hotel will convert it at an exchange rate of their discretion and apply the converted amount to your outstanding charges.

The hotel I booked was a participating I Prefer hotel when I made the reservation, but now they are not. Can I still use a Reward Certificate at that hotel?

No, a non-participating hotel is not required to accept an I Prefer Reward Certificate as payment.

General Assistance

I forgot my I Prefer password. How do I reset it?

Click on the "Log In" button at the top-right corner of the site and then the click "Forgot Password" link. You will be prompted to enter your email address to receive a password reset link. If you need further assistance, contact I Prefer Member Services.

I’d rather make my booking over the phone. Who do I call for assistance?

I Prefer Member Services is available 24/7 to assist you.